SAGAY is postponed to May, June 2019

We had to postpone SAGAY 2018 underwater photography contest activity due to the reasons beyond our control which cause difficulties to carry out the contest at a highest quality in the spirit of SAGAY and the tradition of SAGAY. The new date of SAGAY is planned as May, or preferably June 2019. Payments for competitors […]

What is SAGAY?

What is SAGAY? It is Underwater Image Hunting Contest. As an abbeveration SAGAY (Abbeveration of the Turkish name), was first performed in Bozaada in 1992, Gökçeada in 1993, Foça in 1994, Ayvaık-Cunda Island in 1995, Dikili Denizköy in 1997 and finally Karaburun in 2000. METU-SAT; which is the first underwater related student community established under […]


About METU-SAT “A place where influence of sea is not present and people with a strong marine love…”, that city is Ankara and that place is Middle East Technical University (METU). METU Subaqua Society is product of this strong love and devotion. Founded by a group of students and academics in 1985 METU Subaqua Society (METU-SAT); […]