What is SAGAY?

What is SAGAY?

It is Underwater Image Hunting Contest. As an abbeveration SAGAY (Abbeveration of the Turkish name), was first performed in Bozaada in 1992, Gökçeada in 1993, Foça in 1994, Ayvaık-Cunda Island in 1995, Dikili Denizköy in 1997 and finally Karaburun in 2000. METU-SAT; which is the first underwater related student community established under out University, realized that a very large majority of spearfishing enthusiasts at that time. However, there should be another way to love and care after underwater. Thus, SAGAY is born. Instead of shooting underwater fauna with a spear gun, we are expressing the idea of shooting with a camera. We immediately turned this concept of an image “hunting” contest.

SAGAY is the first underwater photo competition in Turkey. Many masters of underwater photographers contributed to the spread of this activity in our country. It inspired the underwater photography competitions that followed and played the active role in the dissemination of such events.

SAGAY used the term hunting; which is the method that people use since their existence to provide their basic needs, to recognize, understand, explain and promote nature underwater. The Underwater Image Hunting Contest is, by its very essence, a photo-safari that competes against time and does not harm nature.

The goal of SAGAY is to lead humanity; which consumes more of the nature they live in each day, to more constructive alternatives.

SAGAY offers us; those who can paint every shade of blue but consume the blue in nature and of complain about impracticalities, a choice: Instead of reducing with harpoon, let’s produce together by photo and video without stealing. Let us be involved in the productivity of nature…